A musician by purpose, Migrant is an evolving electronic music producer and DJ from India. Не wakes up to make music. His music is a genre in itself. It takes inspiration from exploration. Exploring sounds, bringing together elements from different sounds and creating magic rooted in his cultural legacy. His music is an experience of organic instruments with the hypnotic pulses of techno and tech house, taking his listeners on a rollercoaster of dance beats and engulfing melodies.

This journey was born out of a void. A sense of isolation during his extended stays away from home. A hotelier by profession (Hotel Jaisalkot, Jaisalmer), he has spent endless days and nights travelling alone to strange places, leaving his mind free to wander. Through the solace, music acted like a release. Music gave him a medium to discover himself and communicate to the world. Almost immediately, this turned into an obsession and now is a part of his nature having witnessed a life-altering performance by Four Tet at Magnetic Fields.

Migrant brings his music to life with a rare passion and excitement. Each track is bursting with an energy that elevates you. Having signed with Subwoofer Records, Migrant is ready to share his music. His new singles (coming out soon) showcase everything he does best-propulsive rhythms, mesmerising vocals, and a full-on blissed-out experience that will appeal to electronic music lovers everywhere.